Seattle: Muslim who said gays should be “exterminated” gets ten years for arson at gay nightclub

In another report from February, we learn that an informant told the FBI before this attack that Musab Mohamed Masmari may be planning “terrorist activity,” and that Masmari “opined that homosexuals should be exterminated.” This incident should have been the impetus for a national discussion of violent Sharia enforcement in the U.S., and an examination […]

What if Gaza were San Diego instead?

A welcome and refreshing but of moral clarity in the middle of the swamp of misinformation, disinformation, half-truths, outright lies and jihad propaganda that is the mainstream media today. “What if Gaza were San Diego instead?,” by Deroy Murdock, July 31, 2014 (thanks to Tom): TO UNDERSTAND why Israel fights in the Gaza Strip, try […]

Hamas: “We love death like our enemies love life!”

This is just another statement of the Islamic jihadists’ oft-repeated desire for death. A Muslim child preacher taunted those he has been taught to hate most: “Oh Zionists, we love death for the sake of Allah, just as much as you love life for the sake of Satan.” Jihad mass murderer Mohamed Merah said that […]

Jihadists declare emirate in east Libya: “Benghazi has now become an Islamic emirate”

That Islamic emirate in Benghazi? Ansar al-Sharia didn’t build that. Barack Obama built that. “Islamists declare ‘Islamic emirate’ in east Libya,” Al Arabiya, July 31, 2014: Libya’s Islamist militant group Ansar al-Sharia has said that it seized complete control of Benghazi late on Wednesday, declaring the city an “Islamic emirate,” the group’s representative said. Ansar […]