Kenyan soldiers kill five Islamic jihadis, seize vehicle packed with explosives

“Soldiers found 100 kg of highly explosive TNT in their vehicle along with six suicide vests.” This looks as if the jihadis were planning another large scale mass murder attack, a la the Westgate Mall jihad massacre. “Kenyan military kill five militants, seize TNT explosives,” by Joseph Akwiri, Reuters, October 20, 2014: MOMBASA, Oct 20 […]

India: Muslim software engineer who admired Islamic State arrested for plotting jihad attacks against U.S. establishments in Mumbai

A software engineer who lived in the suburbs? What? Doesn’t Anees Ansari, who worked at a multi-national software company, know that terrorism is a result of poverty and ignorance? “Mumbai Engineer Arrested for Allegedly Planning Terror Attacks,” Press Trust of India, October 21, 2014 (thanks to Sonny): Mumbai: The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad has arrested a […]

Al-Qaida calls for jihad terror attacks on oil tankers, total destruction of Israel — and McDonald’s boycott

Strike a blow against the global jihad — get your Big Mac today! “Al-Qaida Magazine Resurgence Calls for Terrorist Attacks on Oil Tankers and McDonald’s Boycott,” by Umberto Bacchi, International Business Times, October 20, 2014: Al-Qaida has urged jihadist militants across the world to attack economically sensitive Western targets, such as oil tankers and pipelines, […]

Reza Aslan: “The very first thing that Muhammad did was outlaw slavery”

If I never hear the names Reza Aslan and Bill Maher again, that would be just fine with me, but nonetheless, this ongoing controversy is highly illuminating in numerous ways. One thing it exposes is how absolutely one-sided the mainstream media is: after Maher left the reservation, mainstream media publications vied with one another to […]

Yemen: Shi’ite jihadists attack home of Sunni politician, murder 12

The Islam That Has Nothing To Do With Islam claims more lives as the Sunni-Shi’ite jihad continues to heat up in Yemen. “Yemen’s Shiite rebels attack home of Islamist politician south of Sanaa, clashes kill 12,” by Ahmed al-Haj, Associated Press, October 18, 2014: SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Yemen’s empowered Shiite rebels attacked the home […]